Styles in Children's shoes

Children have their own style that can be even more individual than adults. Children have no problems in mixing styles, patterns and colors in ways that only seem to be harmonious to them. Clothing and shoe manufacturers have finally clued into this and are making deals that span the style impact and allow your child to put their own personal stamp on their appearance.

One of the best places to see this is in children's shoes. Choices for girls used to consist of mary janes, saddle shoes, lace and canvas oxford-style sneakers. The boys' styles were made of duck-high sneakers, lace-up shoes and loafers. Shoes, with the exception of clothes shoes like mary janes, were more about function than style.

Today, most of the hottest styles in adult sneakers are available in children's sizes. Brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Saucony and Sketchers spend a lot of time and advertising dollars to market their products to children. There are special shoes for almost any sport your child can come in, such as running, basketball, baseball, hiking and water sports.

Shovel for girls also reflects adult styles. Strappy sandals, funky wedges, cute apartments and platform shoes are available for girls at every price point and in all rainbow colors. Boots of varying heights and styles, from smooth riding boots to UGG style boots, can be found for girls of all ages.

Boys' shoes are still in lace up styles, but now boys have the choice of slip ons, shoes that close with Velcro or bungee type bands and rubber clothes. While the range of colors for boys is much more conservative than it is for girls, there are far more colors than standard black, tan or cordovan. Sneakers are the most popular choice of shoes for boys, which is a reflection of the overall shift towards a more relaxed style in children's clothing.

The day to buy your baby a few basic shoes for the school is over. To keep the child happy and modern, the style is as important as the function.