Morning Madness

You all know what Morning Madness is. It is the time of the morning when you try to convince your children who are dressing well, lunch and dress yourself when you have not had time to do laundry – all the same time.

More often than not, what to wear or what to eat, or when to go up is not the most important problem. Just as you have things you need to be effective, so do your children. Some children need to know that they have a choice. Some children need lots of time. Some children do better when they rush around.

My daughter is an excellent example of that. I went through this period when I got everyone up early so we had a lot of time to get ready. While this worked well for my son, my daughter would be all waited until about 15 minutes before she had to leave and then she did boogie it and came out the door. If I forced her out of her disorientation, she is ready and then falls asleep on the couch. Now I take my son up first and give him time to do his wake up and be ready long before he actually has to leave. My daughter I leave with exactly as much time as she needs – about 20-25 minutes – and let her do her rushing. It works for her. It still makes me a little worried but … it is for me to handle.

Clothing electoral issues are often seen throughout the time when one claims independence is important – usually around the start school, ironically. When my children were small, we chose a week's worth of socks, underwear, pants and tops. They each had one of these wardrobes that hung things with small partitions and an outfit – not different – would go in each one. Every day of the week they could choose which outfit they wanted but they had to stick to the first choice they made. Since it was something they had already chosen, they had already claimed their independence and they were quite happy with it.

The last thing I have to say is this: teach your children to help with breakfast from an early age. I have never tried my kids there and now I have to handle it! But live and learn right?