Fall Shoes Fall 2010 Line

Fallen Footwear Shoes: Fall 2010 Release

Twice a year, the Fallen Footwear brand gives its make-up of a makeover and redesign and for those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the latest releases, you are lucky. Fallen Footwear has finally released its Fall 2010 shoe line to the eagerly awaited skating society. These varied choices of shoes include two new models and 18 models with new color paths and other different improvements. The fall constantly deletes new products with the active skater in mind and then continues to improve on these patterns season after season. You can count on the highest level of quality and versatility from the Fall line-up, which has proven to be the best yet. The Fall 2010 series includes the following models:

Brand New (Fall 2010):

  • 1996 (Jamie Thomas Signature Model)
  • Mark V (Billy Marks Signature Model)

Models with new color paths:

  • Rival SL
  • Manager
  • Chief Mid
  • Forte
  • Forte Mid
  • Trooper SL
  • Hi Volt
  • Ripper
  • Pawn
  • Lotus
  • Regal VLC
  • Slash
  • Patriot II

Models that have been canceled since the spring 2010 series include:

  • T pistols
  • T Guns Mid
  • Revolver VLC
  • Heritage

Fallen Footwear is also known for its stylish and reliable line up of children's shoes as well. The mini-skaters will have a chance to showcase some new styles this fall with a line-up that is made to impress. Make sure your skating is updated on the current trends with a pair of Fallen Shoes. Coming to you with new color paths in the fall are the following children's shoes:

  • Chief Kids
  • Rival SL Kids
  • Forte Kids
  • Trooper SL Kids
  • Ripper Kids

What began as a small lineup in 1996 by skater Jamie Thomas, has quickly grown to be a power plant in the skate industry. Cutting edge style and versatility give these shoes the opportunity to both turn their heads on the pavement and tear up the park.