Choose essential clothes for your children

Unlike your own wardrobe, where you update pieces when you get bored of them or if you find that they are ten years old, you find yourself constantly buying new clothes for your children, simply because they grow out. If you are lucky enough to get hand-down or older children, you can save a lot of money. Children's clothes are not cheap and by one year you would probably spend over $ 1000 a child on clothes and shoes. To keep the cost down and have a more useful wardrobe, there are some important parts that you should have in your child's wardrobe, which is true for both boys and girls.

Mix and match

Just as you would do it yourself, it is a good idea to buy some important pieces of better quality and build their wardrobe around them. Choosing a color theme for a season is also a good idea. Choose some items in more neutral colors, such as white, cream and beige, and then choose parts of the same color that extend in the shade. You will find that you buy smaller clothes this way if they all match together.


Accessories are great for kids as well, and can help dress up an outfit or give it another look. There are plenty of beautiful hair clips, hair bands, ribbons and headbands that are available for girls, and a scarf and a cozy hat or cap can make a sweet change to an outfit in the winter. Tights are stylish with skirts or dresses, giving an outfit a more dressy look. Depending on the child's age, jewelry is usually not necessary, although small girls like to play dresses with it, but if you go out to play you risk losing or breaking it. A special bracelet or necklace to go out is nice, and the fun colorful plastic material is good for dresses and when she just needs to wear jewelry. For boys, trousers can dress up with a belt, throw a vest on top of a shirt, try a scarf and hat in the winter and a cap in the summer.

Important pieces

For a girl, the essential clothes in her wardrobe have a pair of skirts, one for each day and one for the best, some dresses, one for each day, several pairs of tights and socks, a warm scarf and hat, a hat to Keep the sun off, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a pair of leggings, t-shirts, some good cotton tops and a pair of sneakers, shoes for the best and having a pair of boots is always handy.

For boys you need some pair of jeans and shorts, a pair of good shirts, both long sleeves and shirt sleeves, a vest for dressing up an outfit, a scarf and hat, a hat or bucket hat for the summer, plenty of t-shirts to tap into and with shoes, a pair of sneakers, a more dressy pair of shoes, sandals or pliers for the summer and elastic boots are good for carrying around.