Black and White – Two fashionable colors in fashion

Are you puzzled by what color you should wear? Do you know which shades you are flattering? We all know that fashion is about the one wearing the right clothes.

Whatever you choose to wear after getting up and swimming in the morning tells a lot about yourself and your style and mood. Even the smallest of the accessories you are wearing says a lot about who you are. Therefore, it is important that you wear the colors that could complement you, so that you can express your true self.

The two more popular colors in fashion would be black and white. These colors, but opposites can be similar in terms of ways of wearing them.

1. White

Very popular in fashion, white is a neutral and light color that would go well with any other color. It is also considered a summer color, which is a good choice for tops. It is advisable to always have some white in your wardrobe, as it can still match the bottom pieces of any color – whether it be a pair of Khakis, blue jeans or a gray skirt or even a brightly colored pair of bermuda.

Because it is associated with purity and cleanliness, as well as gentleness and innocence, it can provide a sense of openness and freedom.

A tip would be to try to add some white to whatever you have to lighten up your mood or shine your day. For example, try to pair a white tank with blue jeans, or wear a white cotton jacket on top of a warm pink baby doll dress or you can also go for a white-white goat-up to get a simple and windy look.

2. Black

Also popular in fashion, black is always stylish and is never off the trendy scene. Black would be a good choice for bottoms. It can also easily match the stained top. However, it is also a good color for tops, as it has a slimming effect for the wearer. It is a good color to complement with accessories such as a light pink bag or a diamond necklace.

As a color, which is somewhat mysterious, the black gives the feeling of depth and perspective. It also symbolizes refinement and elegance and has always been regarded as a color of prestige.

A tip would be to try to pair black with other darker colors to achieve a sophisticated mature look. For example, you can wear a brown cardigan with black pinstrip pants or a gray tweed trimmed blazer together with a black stretch pencil skirt.